Give Your Body What It Needs
The Starter Kit
Diffuser + 12 (100% Pure Essential Oils)
Let's Review The Enrollment Instructions (10 Steps)
Step 1:  Choose your Premium Starter Kit

      Essential Oils (default) You may select a Desert Mist or DewDrop diffuser

      Savvy Minerals, Thieves, NingXia Red and Rainstone also available

Step 2:  Essential Rewards Enrollment

Step 3:  Set Up Your Monthly Essential Rewards Order

      Would you like to enroll in Essential Rewards and earn free products? YES

      Do you want to use your Premium Starter Kit (PSK) as your first 
      Essential Rewards (ER) order?  YES

Step 4: Choose your Essential Rewards Kit

      Select (Customize Your Kit)
      Click (Customize Monthly Order)

      Essential Rewards is where you will earn your monthly bonus products

      Add products to your next months order.

      I recommend adding two products to this order:

      Thieves Foaming Hand Soap (3 pk) - $36.50

      Thieve Laundry Soap - $29.50

      FREE products begin when order is $100 or more.

Step 5: Continue Enrollment  (Click Next)

Step 6: Enter Your Member Info

      Name, Address, Email, Phone

Step 7: Create Your Login Account

      Username, Password, Pin #

Step 8: Commission Processing Information

      Select the (Individual with no SSN required)

      (Unless you would like to setup a distributor account)

Step 9: Sponsor/Enroller Information

      (REQUIRED - For Bonus Offer Eligibility)
      Be sure that these numbers are populated in these fields
      All bonus offers depend on these numbers.

      My Sponsor ID:   13029312

      My Enroller ID: 13029312

Step 10: Terms and Conditions

Sponsor/Enroller Information

Step 11: Shipping

Step 10: Checkout

If you need any help at all in completing this enrollment form,
You can give me a call and I will be happy to walk 
you through the process or I can fill it out for you. 
Ben Rusk

You call also call members services at 1-800-371-3515
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